Goodness of Fit

Psychotherapy & Goodness-of-Fit

The therapeutic relationship is an essential part of psychotherapy. Goodness of fit refers to the fit and compatibility between the client and therapist. Not all therapists are suited to all clients, and that is OKAY. This does not mean that all therapeutic encounters will be easy or pleasant. Sometimes we may play out dynamics that are interfering with our functioning in the outside world inside the therapy space, and working through that can be difficult. Goodness-of-fit can refer to temperament, voice, mannerisms, gender, worldview, therapeutic approach, etc. Lots of things impact how we relate to others.

Dr. Barteck takes goodness-of-fit very seriously and encourages prospective clients to explore their treatment options. Dr. Barteck may be the right fit for you, and she may not. A consultation call can help you begin to make that determination, and there is zero expectation or pressure to make an appointment.